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Course Code: 501567
Duration: 12 Days
How To Apply: Submit Electronic Training Request (ETR) via Direct Access
Prerequisites: All students are required to check the SMTC website to ensure proper compliance of prerequisites and equipment. Members who arrive without meeting the prerequisites and without the proper equipment may be disenrolled. See for additional information.
Special Info: No history of alcohol or drug abuse and no Courts Martial during current enlistment


To introduce a member of the USCG Port Security Unit (PSU) to the information and skills needed to operate successfully as a member of the PSU during deployment OCONUS in accordance with United States Coast Guard orders, instructions, doctrine and real world requirements. This course provides E-2 through O-5 personnel with instruction on basic skills required of a PSU team member. The students will be required to complete classroom and practical field exercises. Units of instruction consist of CBRN, Land navigation, Entry Control Points, Vehicle Searches, Rear Area Security, Crew Served Weapons including the M240B and M2HB, MOUT, Individual and Squad Movement, and basic patrolling. There will be a number of practical exercises and live fire training. Students will be living in field conditions and eating field rations (MRE’s) for the majority of the course.

Convening Dates

Facility Name Start Date End Date Session #
SPECIAL MISSIONS TRAINING CTR 8/10/2015 8/21/2015 82