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Course Code: 340720
Duration: 5 Days
How To Apply: Resident courses for LAMS are offered at TRACEN Petaluma, Yorktown and the Leadership Development Center (LDC). All other locations are unit hosted exportable LAMS courses. See Special Info for additional application information.

E-5. LAMS is a requirement for all E-5s to advance to E-6. These members shall have priority seating in the class before any other eligible students.

GS-9-11, O-1, O-2, and E-6 (these personnel receive secondary priority). Other Eligible Personnel: CG NAF employees (all), CG Work-Life (all), CG Auxiliary personnel (FC, VFC and FSO), other federal or state agency employees in positions of leadership.

Special Info:

If a course is being hosted in your local area:

  1. Selection of members to attend LAMS exportable training is handled by the hosting command.
  2. The POC for each exportable convening is listed below.
  3. Contact the POC before you submit your Electronic Training Request (ETR) to verify your seat in the course.
  4. Submit an ETR through Direct Access (DA) to attend the exportable class.

If a class is not being hosted in your local area:

  1. Submit and ETR through DA to attend a Resident Course. TQC will select members to attend Resident LAMS.
Host Unit Class Date Session Number POC
Sector St. Petersburg 22-AUG-16 1614 OSCM Dan Pasnell
Base National Capital Region 29-AUG-16 1592 OSC Timothy Horne
Sector Charleston 12-SEP-16 1593 LT Daniel Sweeney
Sector Sault Sainte Marie 19-SEP-16 1620 EMCS Ray Rehberg
MFPU Bangor 19-SEP-16 1621 LTJG Ryan DeShazo


LAMS is a unique one-week course designed to enhance supervisory skills for first line supervisors. The course develops skills in the following areas: communicating effectively, influencing others positively, creating an environment that motivates performance, getting the job done while taking care of subordinates, encouraging personal ethics, and promoting teamwork.

For additional information regarding LAMS, please contact the LAMS School Chief, LTJG Christopher Reimer at or (860) 701-6543 or visit the Leadership Development Centerís website at

Convening Dates

Facility Name Start Date End Date Session #
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 7/25/2016 7/29/2016 1591
WASHINGTON DC AREA TRNG FAC 8/29/2016 9/2/2016 1592
Charleston, SC 9/12/2016 9/16/2016 1593
Leadership Development Center 9/26/2016 9/30/2016 1598
Leadership Development Center 8/1/2016 8/5/2016 1602
SAINT PETERSBURG 8/22/2016 8/26/2016 1614
SECTOR SAULT STE MARIE 9/19/2016 9/23/2016 1620
DD-MFPU BANGOR 9/19/2016 9/23/2016 1621