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Course Code: 501358
Duration: 38 Days
How To Apply: Procedures are located in the Special Info Section below
  1. Be a Senior Petty Officer (E-5 and E-6).
  2. Have outstanding performance documented (EERs) in Direct Access (DA).
  3. Be an excellent representative of the U.S. Coast Guard and present a sharp, trim, and fit, military appearance.
  4. Be in compliance with Coast Guard weight and body fat standards as well as meet the Air Forceís requirements of a 39.5Ē waistline or acceptable BMI.
  5. Be fit for full duty and able to participate and in the Air Forceís Fitness Program. Members shall ensure they meet the Coast Guardís Boat Crew Fitness Standards and Air Forceís requirements for the run, push-ups and sit-ups prior to applying and document results on their application.
  6. Have one year of obligated service remaining upon graduation as outlined on the Performance, Training, and Education Manual.
Special Info:
  1. An ALCOAST message will be released in the in the fall of each year soliciting applications from qualified members. Application will be accepted throughout the year until all quotas have been filled.
  2. Additional information can be found by visiting the following websites: and . If information is required that isnít reflected on the website, contact the Program Manager, MCPO Brian Sorensen, at 202-475-5511 or via email at
  3. Successful graduation from this academy satisfies the requirements for advancement eligibility to E-6.
  4. Members who have previously attended LAMS are eligible to apply.
  5. This course is sponsored by the Office of Leadership and Development, CG-12C.
  6. Application Requirements:
    • CG Memo Format
    • No more than 2 pages; excluding endorsements
    • 12 point text, single spaced, single sided
    • Memo is from the member and addressed to the AFNCOA Appointment Board
    • Paragraph ONE contains the memberís information:

    a.Employee Identification Number
    b.Date of Rank
    c.Time in service/Time in Grade
    d.Military Status
    e.Gender and Age
    f.Contact Numbers
    g.Email Address
    h.Two session dates that you can attend
    i.CG & AF PFT results and Body Composition Information

  7. Paragraph two: describe your current responsibilities and collateral duties and how they support the Commandantís Guiding Principles and Prioritites.
  8. Paragraph three: describe how you have aligned the USCG Ethos and Core Values with your everyday life, both on duty and off duty.
  9. Paragraph four: describe why you believe this opportunity will help you become a more effective leader.
  10. Command endorsements are required from the memberís Commanding Officer and Command Chief. Endorsements must be submitted separately and should address at a minimum:
    • That the member will be an excellent CG representative
    • Member presents a sharp military appearance
    • Member is fit for full duty, meets CG & AF fitness and weight requirements
    • Why the member should be selected to attend this academy
    • 2-8x10 photos of member in TROPS; one, full body, facing forward and one, full body, facing to the side

    11. Once all application prerequisites and application requirements have been fulfilled, email complete application to the Program Manger identified above in paragraph two.


AFNCOA is held at McGhee-Tyson ANGB located in Louisville, TN, about 15 minutes outside of Knoxville. This course is ideal for Senior Petty Officers who desire a quality joint professional military education that will contribute significantly to their professional development and challenge them to be effective leaders and innovative risk takers. Through the use of guided discussion classroom methodology, experiential exercises, and case study, students are exposed to five academic disciplines: Profession of Arms, Warfare Studies, Leadership Studies, International Security Studies, and Communication Studies. These disciplines are distributed throughout the four graduate attributes that consist of military professional, operational airman, unit manager, and the managerial communicator. Accredited by the College of the Air Force (CCAF), graduates are awarded 12 semester hours of college credit in the following areas: Military Studies II (3), Leadership Studies II (6) and Managerial Communication II (3).

Convening Dates

Facility Name Start Date End Date Session #
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 10/14/2014 11/20/2014 71
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 3/9/2015 4/3/2015 72
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 4/20/2015 5/15/2015 73
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 7/13/2015 8/7/2015 74
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 8/17/2015 9/11/2015 75
MCGHEE ANG NCO SCHOOL 9/21/2015 10/16/2015 76