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Course Code: 501799
Duration: 12 days resident with 28 days of online work
How To Apply: Submit Electronic Training Request via Direct Access
Prerequisites: 1. Be a Senior Chief or Master Chief Petty Officer on Active Duty or in the Reserves. Reserve members will be issued "no cost" orders and must request funding from servicing (dxr).
2. Verification of compliance with Maximum Allowable Weight (MAW) standards 30 days prior to executing orders.
3. Have one year obligated service remaining upon graduation.
4. Must have previously completed the CPO Academy or DOD equivalent.
Special Info: This is a blended learning course. The first 4 weeks of this course will be conducted in a non resident (online) setting. In order to move on to the resident portion of the course you will need to complete several assignemnts. These will be provided in the syllabus.

The workload for the SELC is aggressive and challenging for most students. You will be required to balance your workload between written assignments, discussion board participation, oral presentations, physical fitness, reading assignments and completing online assessments.

In order to facilitate online enrollment, please provide your primary email address, that is one that you check daily, to the School Chief, BMCM Leask (, upon receipt of orders. If your primary email address is your .mil address, you need not provide it.

Online Begins Online Complete Resident Begins Graduation
16 February, 2015 13 March, 2015 16 March, 2015 27 March, 2015
23 March, 2015 17 April, 2015 20 April, 2015 01 May, 2015
11 May, 2015 05 June, 2015 08 June, 2015 19 June, 2015
13 July, 2015 07 August, 2015 10 August, 2015 21 August, 2015
27 July, 2015 21 August, 2015 24 August, 2015 04 September, 2015


The Senior Enlisted Leadership Course (SELC) is a six (6) week blended course designed to provide our senior enlisted members the leadership and management skills required by their high level, critical positions, including CMC and RFMC positions. The course specifically addresses professional verbal and written communications, concepts of strategy and organizational change management, organizational and human resource policies, and command relations.

The senior enlisted memberís roles and responsibilities within the organization are explored in depth through the lens of the four leadership competencies of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Performance and Change, and Leading the Coast Guard, with primary emphasis placed on the latter two categories.

Convening Dates

Facility Name Start Date End Date Session #
Leadership Development Center 3/28/2016 4/8/2016 53
Leadership Development Center 5/9/2016 5/20/2016 54
Leadership Development Center 7/11/2016 7/22/2016 55
Leadership Development Center 8/8/2016 8/19/2016 56
Leadership Development Center 9/19/2016 9/30/2016 57