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Course Code: 502128
Duration: 12 Days
How To Apply: Submit Electronic Training Request via Diect Access.
  1. Must be assigned to a Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB) unit.
  2. Must have completed the Coast Guard Institute "Search and Rescue Fundamentals" (SARFUND) correspondence course or other approved course.
  3. Must have successfully completed the Coast Guard "Deck Watch Officer" (DWO) Examination.
  4. Must be a certified crewmember on a TANB Class boat or coxswain on another standard CG platform for at least 20 hours in the 3 months preceding class start date. A certified crewmember must have completed at least 40 hours of underway time (entered in AOPS/TMT and verified by TBFCO).
  5. Reservists are exempt from the SAR Fundamentals (SARFUNDS) requirement. Reservists must have completed at least 20 hours of underway time as a certified crewmember in the 6 months preceding class start date.
  6. Prior to submitting an Electronic Training Request (ETR), commands requesting attendance of unit personnel shall verify their members are in compliance with all course prerequisites. If not, the command must have an approved waiver in writing from CG-731 prior to submitting an Electronic Training Request (ETR). Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, approval will not be granted. The Prerequisite waiver process can be found in U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual, Volume I, COMDTINST M16114.32 (series).
Special Info: None


MISSION: To provide training on the TANB to prospective coxswains. Successful completion of this course will provide an introductory level training of the TANB to assist in the coxswain qualification process.

SCOPE: The TANB introduction course is designed to assist in the coxswain qualification process on the TANB. The course will provide the trainee with classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience on a TANB. Specific areas of instruction include: boat characteristics and stability, boat handling, boat piloting and navigation, search and rescue (SAR), towing and salvage, crew efficiency factors, risk factors, and team coordination.

Convening Dates

Facility Name Start Date End Date Session #
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 2/21/2017 3/3/2017 119
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 4/24/2017 5/5/2017 120
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 6/5/2017 6/16/2017 121
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 7/10/2017 7/21/2017 122
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 7/31/2017 8/11/2017 123
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 8/21/2017 9/1/2017 124
CG TRACEN YORKTOWN 9/11/2017 9/22/2017 125