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Course Code: 502234
Duration: 5 Days
How To Apply: Submit ETR via Diect Access
Prerequisites: CG members assigned to an Uninspected Towing Vessel Examiner (UTVE) billet and/or members expected to actively conduct UTV dockside examinations.
Special Info: Indoctrination workbook. The completed survey is to be recorded with the Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise (TVNCOE) while workbook completion is a required PQS element.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Units cancelling quotas may request consideration for a substitute; however, cancelled quotas are typically reassigned to members with ETRs already on file and with consideration to the operational and training needs of other units. Substitution request messages should be submitted to TQC in accordance with current policies. Requests to substitute members who do not meet the prerequisites will not be considered.

WAIVERS: ETRs for members who do not meet the prerequisites will not be considered unless tmii has granted an applicable waiver. Waiver requests will be evaluated on their own merits and will not serve as precedents for any future determination. Waiver requests must be received by Course Manager no less than 60 days prior to the desired course convening date. Prerequisite waiver requests shall be submitted via memorandum to the Course Manager at: TRACEN Yorktown (tmii) and must include:
1. The course prerequisite to be waived and reason for request.
2. Justification of a clear operational need to train the member in addition to those assigned on the Personnel Allowance list (PAL).

APPEALS: Waivers or substitutions denied by tmii may be appealed to CG-5431. Appeals are to be made via memorandum to CG-5431 thru tmii and will be evaluated with consideration to the operational needs of the requesting field unit, the suitability of the member to perform Towing Vessel Examination activities, and the likelihood that the member will receive sufficient field training following course completion. The decision of CG-5431 on each appeal is final.

POC: Mr. Joe Myers
Uninspected Towing Vessel Examiner Course Manager Training Center Yorktown
Marine Inspection School (tmii)
1 Coast Guard Training Center
Yorktown, VA 23690.


Provides UTV dockside examiners with a base of technical skills and comprehensive understanding of current federal regulations and CG policy relevant to the towing vessel industry.

Convening Dates

There are no convening dates scheduled at this time.