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Course Code: 500317
Duration: 5 Days
How To Apply: To apply submit a: ETR
Prerequisites: Priority will be given to applicants that hold the FPVE certification or have at least 20 of the 25 certification tasks completed (with no items deferred). Applicants that do not meet the above pre-requisite but hold at least one of the following (FFVE, FTVE, FGCP, or FCTE) may apply and will be considered an alternate and placed as seats are made available. Preference will go to E-6 and above. E-5 will be considered on a case by case basis. Applicant must be currently assigned or have PSC orders to a position that would reasonably require the applicant to conduct or oversee Certificate of Compliance examinations on foreign flagged passenger vessels.
Special Info: This course, 500317, is the same course previously entitled Passenger Vessel Control Verification course. For attendees who completed the PVCV course, enrollment into the AFPVE course may not be necessary.


Broaden and deepen participants understanding of and competency in the Coast Guard’s Foreign Passenger Vessel Examination program. Course lessons explain in-depth technical and regulatory concepts on standards applicable to foreign passenger vessels. The combination of lesson proficiency assessments and ship visits ensure greater awareness and consistency in participants’ decision making skills while evaluating a vessel’s compliance with international and domestic safety, security, and environmental standards. The week-long interactions among participants reinforces the value of and need for frequent communication and close working relationships among the cruise industry community and Coast Guard. Likewise, participants gain valuable insight, and a mutual understanding of the impacts their decisions have on cruise industry safety, security, and commercial viability.

Convening Dates

There are no convening dates scheduled at this time.