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Course Code: 502436
Duration: 10 Days
How To Apply: Submit ETR (Electronic Training Request) in Direct Access

Must be assigned to PWCS Level 1 unit, which includes designated Stations, MSSTs, MSRTs, MFPUs, PSUs, Sectors, MSUs, and MSDs. Supervisors at Sector level, including those in Training Team/RFO billets, may attend as observers when seats are available, and the remainder of the pre-requisites do not apply to these observers.

  1. Complete a total of 20 underway hours as a certified coxswain within the last three months (at least five of the 20 hours at night).
  2. Must be TBCM certified in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual volume III, COMDTINST M16114.42 (series)
  3. Must be BTM/BO certified in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Competency Instruction, COMDTINST M16247.3 (series). (Not required for Port Security Units).
  4. Must be current/recorded via CG-3029 for M870, M-240, and M-16 PQS in accordance with Ordnance Manual, COMDTINST M8000.2 (series).
  5. Assigned to perform in an E4 or above billet or those members assigned to supervise tactical boat operations (i.e. CO/OICs of STA/MSSTs/MFPUs/MSRT, Sector Command, Response, and RFO personnel).
Special Info:

This course is intended primarily for CO/OIC- Designated Trainers, therefore, TQC will give attendance priority to unit designated trainers and OPFOR coxswains.

CO/OICs shall ensure unit-designated trainers and OPFOR coxswains are indentified in the remarks section of the ETR.

Qualified tactical coxswains that are not designated as OPFOR or unit designated trainers are also encouraged to apply and will be afforded quotas when space is available.

Quotas for supervisors of tactical boat operations will be considered when space is available. ETR should be annotated specifically for those in supervisory roles; if prerequisites are not met, supervisors will be attending in strictly observer roles, and will not be assigned course completion competency code.

International students desiring to attend the course will be considered based on available quotas and should plan to arrive at the TRACEN three days in advance so that adequate assessment and readiness can be determined.


This course is designed to provide advanced level tactical coxswain training to tactical coxswains that are designated as unit trainers and includes increased emphasis on boat crew coordination, vessel on vessel use of force, and unit self defense. This course also includes a train the trainer component that includes scenarios and guides to aid unit level trainers.

Convening Dates

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